Northern Ireland Target Sports Association

NOTE: These rules are applicable to everyone, not only new shooters and guests.
  • Never move forward of the firing point without the permission of the Range Officer.
  • Never handle firearms at the firing point once the range is declared "Clear".
  • Never carry firearms on the range unless suitably holstered or cased.
  • Always keep your firearm pointed down the range.
  • Always treat a firearm as if it is loaded.
  • NEVER point a firearm at anybody, even if it is unloaded.
  • Keep your finger outside of the trigger guard unless firing.
  • If you have a misfire, keep the firearm pointed down the range and call the Range Officer, do not attempt to unload unless proficient with firearms.
  • Always wear eye and ear protection on the range.
  • Always follow the instructions of the Range Officer.

Firearm Security

Firearms and ammunition to which a certificate relates must be securely stored at all times (except when the firearm or ammunition is in use, or being cleaned, repaired, tested or is in transit) so as to prevent unauthorised access, so far as is reasonably practicable. The minimum acceptable storage standard within Northern Ireland must equate to Gun Cabinet Specification BS 7558 (1992). Gun Cabinets must be secured to the fabric of the building.

Firearms and ammunition being conveyed in a vehicle must be hidden from view and should be secured to an anchorage point or contained in a securely fixed and locked box within the said vehicle. Never carry a loaded firearm in a motor vehicle.

The security measures should be reasonable, realistic and appropriate considering the risks involved.

If you are going to be temporarily away from home then you should consider asking your firearms dealer if you can book your firearms or component parts in with them for safe-keeping until your return.

Advice on security arrangements is available from your local Crime Prevention Officer.


Without doubt we are the fastest growing club by membership numbers and range facilities, among our membership we have citizens from, China, Denmark, England, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Lithuania, Philippines, Poland, Republic of Ireland, Scotland, South Africa, USA and Venezuela.

Based at a great location the Buskhill Road is six miles south of Banbridge and six miles north of Newry and directly off the main A1 dual carriageway which is the main road from Belfast to Dublin. Overseas visitors travelling via Belfast International, Belfast City or Dublin International airports will be pleased to arrive at the ranges after what should be no more than a fifty minute drive.

In addition to the NITSA Ranges our membership also have access free of charge to the following indoor ranges; The Ards & Bangor Club on the Hamilton Road in Bangor Co. Down, this council operated 25metre range (4 firing points) is available on Sundays between 3pm and 6pm (except for the 2nd Sunday of each month), the International Target Shooters 25metre range (7 firing points) on the Largy Road Crumlin Co. Antrim is available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 7pm -9pm.

The association is affiliated to the UK National Rifle Association (NRA) and the Northern Ireland regions of the WA1500 and IPSC.